How To Use The Pokemon Go PokeCoin Generator

Pokemon Go Generator

Pokemon GO is one of the biggest games out right now, if not the biggest. It’s only natural that players would want to find ways to basically kind of take a short cut. It’s not even that we’re malicious players it’s that some of us have very busy schedules, we might have to work 8 hour days and then come home to take care of young ones – grinding an extra 6 hours day catching Pokemon just doesn’t make any sense, enter the PokeCoin Generators.

There are a very large amount of PokeCoin generators on the internet, some of the work and some of them – not so much. We’re here to show you one that has worked (as i’m writing this up we’ve tested the tool over 4 different devices), and should stay working for some time.

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PokeCoin Generator

I’m just going to give you a quick rundown on what this PokeCoin generator does and how you can really use this to the fullest.

Pokecoin Generator

How to use our Pokemon Go Generator
  • Visit our online pokecoin generator.
  • Input your Pokemon GO username.
  • Choose your device, there is currently an option between Android and iOS.
  • Pick the amount of PokeCoins you want, you can choose from ‘N/A (or 0)’ to ‘99,000’.
  • Pick what issue you would like to fix, you can choose between ‘N/A’, ‘Fix Loading Stuck’ or ‘Fix Crash’.

This is one of the things that’s a bit unique with this PokeCoing generator. In addition to adding the PokeCoins you can use to buy PokeIncense and PokeBalls at the PokeStop, you can use this tool to fix any recurring problems you might have with the app. That’s just something you won’t find with these other tools.

Now, let’s take a look at best practices if you want to use this tool to its fullest potential.


Best practices for using the PokeCoin Generator

Don’t get greedy

There is a lot of power that comes with a hack tool like this, you can finally spam 100,000 coins every minute! No. You really can’t. You have to keep in mind that the Niantic servers actually have automatic protocols to detect cheating, you have to work with this in mind.

The entire goal is to emulate real human activity, if you think it’s possible to get 100,000 PokeCoins every five minutes then please go ahead and spam the tool – but don’t come crying to us when you get banned.

You have to actually do some work

Being the best comes at a price, this tool serves to cut the price in half. Just half though, you still have to spend your time and energy walking around to evolve pokemon, travelling to different choice destinations to capture rare Pokemon as well as other things you might have to do.

We’ve spoken about different ways you can shorten the time it would take you to level your Pokemon on this site, we also have different tips and tricks and even other Pokemon hacks you can use to enhance your gameplay. Feel free to check them out.

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Use your PokeCoins wisely

This really should be common sense but you need to make good use of your PokeCoins. If you decide to use this tool to get a million PokeCoins (and you somehow manage to avoid detection), you might as well use it properly. The best way to use PokeCoins is to purchase Lucky Eggs and use them to gain XP. Do not make the mistake of just buying Lucky Eggs and going to sleep, it doesn’t work like that.

Lucky Eggs are items that give you double XP, you get XP while you evolve Pokemon or battle other Pokemon at the local gyms. To give you an idea of the possible gains you could enjoy, evolving a Pokemon should normally give you about 500 XP, with a Lucky Egg this turns into 1000 XP.

This is the perfect way to powerlevel:

  • Get a lot of Pokemon that are easy to level, just low level stuff that’s easy to find and is in abundance in your area, Drowzee was my choice in mine, i’m in Toronto.
  • Hatch them, go through the steps of evolving them, when they’re about to evolve, activate your Lucky Egg
  • Congratulations, you’ve now done what would take most players months to achieve.
Know your Pokemon

If you’re ever going to win battles at your local gym, you’re going to need to know exactly what your Pokemon is capable of. This means you have to know what moves your Pokemon can perform, how long it will take to cost, how much damage it will inflict and so on. Knowing all will be hard work even for the most experienced player. Luckily for you, there are Pokemon resources online that gather all moves for various Pokemon and arrange them by certain stats like: Damage-per-Second (DPS), Cool down, maximum damage and a bunch of other useful stats.

To be the best there ever was you need to plan ahead, you can’t just go half-baked into battle because you can be sure the computer won’t care that you’re just trying to have fun. Though the computer right now is easy, wait till they bring out player-vs-player (PVP), you’re going to be wishing you leveled your Pokemon earlier.

Diversify your Pokemon

It just wouldn’t make sense if all your Pokemon served a particular purpose like all sweeping or all support. It would make more sense if you had Pokemon that performed at least one of each type of actions. You need to diversify in types as well as specialties.


If you plan on being the best there ever was, you really need to take Pokemon battling very seriously. The best way to get XP and evolve your Pokemon is by battling, no amount of walking will ever replace that. You need to use your PokeCoins wisely, doubling XP when you can. Don’t be greedy with your generating, it would be a big shame if you amassed a huge pile of PokeCoins and got banned in 15 minutes, take it easy, go slow and you will be rewarded with the ability to pwn all those other noobs.

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